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Donegal Bay Publishing is an independent free press dedicated to bringing high quality literature covering a wide range of topics to our readers. We sell and ship direct to bookstores, individuals, distributors, schools, libraries, etc.

Technical / How-To-Do Books /Continuing Education

Instructional Books (Click here for our Engineering Continuing Education Program)

Beginning Guitar by L.D. Ryan and Kevin White

Beginning Guitar is an excellent instructional book for people interested in playing the guitar, with little or no experience. This book is designed for people without a musical background. Photographs and fingering charts make learning easy! A variety of chords are illustrated clearly, with easy to follow instructions. Choose Beginning Guitar to start your journey towards musical success!

Take This Job by John L. Ryan

Take This Job... is a new book that details how to start your own business. This book covers it all, from business basics like licenses, business structure, handling money, paying taxes to detailed instructions for starting a variety of businesses. Most do-it-yourself businesses discussed require little to no start-up investment. Businesses such as starting an e-bay store, selling goods online, web hosting, and child care are covered. Marketing theory is described in detail. Take This Job... also provides an easy to understand method of determining if a business is likely to succeed or fail - before you invest your money!

Engineering Continuing Education

We are currently offering continuing education correspondence courses for engineers. Personal development hours are a requirement for professional engineers. We are offering courses in warning design and theory as well as guarding theory and implementation. These topics are crucial for design engineers to produce safe products, and will fulfill the necessary requirements for personal development hours. These are important topics that most engineering curriculum fails to address, which can leave graduating engineers without the information necessary to make safe products. Many machines and products do not have the necessary safeguards to protect the people who use the machines and products. Our course in guarding outlines what engineers should do to protect the welfare of the public, as well as what standards say and how to follow them. Our course in warnings details the theory behind warning design, and how to design warnings that meet industry standards. Other information including the psychology of warnings and improving warning effectiveness are also covered. Click here to go to our Continuing Education Program page.

Upcoming Titles

Donegal Bay Publishing is beginning to publish various technical and how-to-do documents and books. Please check back later for upcoming titles, to include:

- World Travel for the Average Joe - A how-to-do guide for world travel for people on a budget, for the average person

- Simple Home Repairs - A guide for the most common household mishaps

- Top 10 Deadly In-Home Hazards - What everyone should know about life-threatening dangers in our home

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