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Stepladder Manual - $99.95

Stepladder Manual

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The Stepladder Manual is a must-have for attorneys involved in stepladder product litigation cases. Stepladders are notoriously hazardous, evidenced by the hundreds of thousands of injuries resulting from stepladder accidents every year. Many of the inexpensive ladders sold today are unstable and defectively designed, some even have material failure. Ladder accidents often are caused by ladder racking, a situation where two of the ladder legs, usually the front legs, become displaced sideways. Racking can occur very easily and it can occur from normal ladder use. A racked ladder only has three legs on the ground, making it susceptible to overturns. Racked ladder accidents can often result in a ladder with a bent inward lower leg.

This Manual can be used by attorneys to determine the likely cause of a stepladder accident. Design criteria are covered to show design weaknesses. ANSI standards are explored, as well as their impact on the stepladder industry.

The Stepladder Manual is also an excellent reference book for expert witnesses who deal with stepladder cases. This manual describes possible modes of ladder failure, ladder stability, and other causal factors of ladder accidents.

Price is $99.95 plus $8 shipping, Arkansas residents will be charged sales tax. Click "add to cart" to be directed to our secure checkout system.


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