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The Skagway Connection - a spiritual journey - $24.00

by Lisa Brandom

Who hasn’t wanted to take some time away from the stresses of career, family relationships, spiritual battles, and a world of war to examine one’s life and world more carefully? This non-fiction piece focuses on the author’s reflections of her childhood, a seven month odyssey to the Northwestern United States and Alaska, and the resulting spiritual peace she is able to obtain from the journey.

Skagway, Alaska is the small town that unites four generations of women at different time periods into an unbreakable spiritual bond and connection. Mam Rogers began the trek to Skagway and the Yukon in 1944 with her husband Slick during the height of World War II, and the other women came in 1979, 1999, and 2003. Though the name of Skagway means ‘home of the northwest wind’, it is ultimately the place that provides peace through nature, time patience, and God for all four women.

Centered in the reality of coping with widowhood, divorce, marriage, and sexual identity, the book’s themes resound in a postmodern world.



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