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Power Saw Manual - $99.95

The Power Saw Manual

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The Power Saw Manual covers table saws and chop-style saws. Chop-style saws include metal cutting chop saws and band saws as well as wood cutting mitre saws and radial saws. Chop-style saws may injure users if there is no guard on the saw, or if the guard malfunctions. Table saw injuries are common and can be due to a variety of causes. Table saw accidents occur when the operator contacts the spinning blade of the saw. This can occur when the user is feeding a board, since the standard hood-type sawblade guard is ineffective in preventing frontal access to the spinning blade, and an operator's hand can slide under the guard. This can also occur due to a kickback accident, a situation where the workpiece is launched towards the operator, resulting in injury from the object. The kickbacked work piece can also cause the operator to lose his or her balance and fall into the blade due to the downward and forward force required to feed material into the saw.

The Power Saw Manual investigates in detail the different types of saws, the hazards associated with those saws, methods of safeguarding the hazards, standards governing saw manufacture and use, establishing state-of-the-art saw technology at the time of the accident, and ways to determine if a potential client who has been injured may have a product litigation case.

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