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Product Liability Manuals

These books contain in-depth analyses of particular products that have a history of being involved in accidents and product litigation cases. These books are designed for attorneys who desire to learn more about a certain product, whether the attorney has a current case or is deciding whether or not to take a case. Topics covered generally include design problems of the product, manufacturing defects, failure analysis, accident reconstruction, accident history of the product, design hierarchy (a safety priority list for implementing safeguards), standards, patents, etc. These manuals represent decades of experience in the product liability field. For the first time this experience is available to the general public, at a very reasonable price. Product Liability Manuals are also invaluable for engineers as a design reference manual - the best way to prevent liability lawsuits is to design the product and safeguard the hazards correctly in the first place. Click on the images below to see more information about each manual. Each Manual is $99 plus $8 shipping.


Forklift and Stacker Manual


Stepladder Manual


All-Terrain Vehicles Manual


Overhead Door Manual


Lawnmower Manual


Upcoming Product Liability Manuals:

- Design Safety and Product Liability Fall 2008

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