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How to Perform a U.S . Patent Search

Patent searches have many uses. For attorneys, the state of the art at a certain point in time can be determined with patent searches. U.S. Patents have an extremely involved classification system. Before internet technology, to perform a patent search, one had to spend hours in a library determining product classification numbers and classes. The internet allows high speed patent searches. Patents can still be searched by classification number, but the website at http://www.uspto.gov/ has an easy to use search interface. Patents can be quickly located and viewed back to 1976 using the search interface. Older patents can then be accessed from references in newer patents. This process has been detailed and put in booklet form. Please click on the link below or call (479) 549-4860 to order our Patent Search Booklet. Topics covered include how to perform a patent search, how to perform an advanced patent search, and how to use patents in a product liability case. The booklet is an electronic document and costs $1.00. Click on the link below and complete the payment using our secure PayPal website, and the document will be emailed to you. Alternatively, you can access the document later by visiting our download page.

How To Perform a U.S. Patent Search $1.00 (E-document)




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