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Donegal Bay Publishing

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Donegal Bay Publishing is an independent free press dedicated to bringing high quality literature covering a wide range of topics to our readers. We sell and ship direct to bookstores, individuals, distributors, schools, libraries, etc.

Donegal Bay Publishing Event Books for Independent Bookstores

Donegal Bay Publishing is producing what we call 'Event Books' that are designed to be integrated into our bookstore event program, 'killer events'. Holding a 'Killer Event' involves us sending you:

  • signed copies of a how-to-do book
  • an accompanying video to be shown at the event
  • personalized flyers for you to advertise the event, complete with your store information, location, hours, website, etc.
  • Live link with author via telephone conference or high speed internet webcam

In an attempt to level the playing field with the big retail chains, we have designed a program that attracts customers to your store. Along with our other title offerings, we are producing instructional books that cover a variety of topics from learning to play guitar to fixing common car problems to cooking for children to traveling overseas on a very small budget. These 'event books' are then highlighted at our Virtual Book Signing Killer Events where independent bookstores are supplied with signed copies of these books, as well as a professionally-produced video. This video includes the author introducing the book, with some background information on the book - why the book was written, etc. The majority of the video will be devoted to the author discussing part of the book, explaining how to perform some of the tasks in the book. Bookstore customers can purchase the signed books, and follow along with the video. This helps ensure that your customers learn what they wanted to when they purchased the book. It will also increase motivation for initiating further learning, increasing the likelihood of successful learning as well as increasing the likelihood of future instructional purchases from your store.. The videos will also contain supplemental information that book purchasers will find useful and entertaining. The author will also be available for questions and discussion via telephone conference call, or if your bookstore has the capabilities, by high speed internet teleconferencing.

You get all the advantages of having a book signing - publicity, bringing new customers into your store, generating business with current customers. You get signed books, an exclusive talk from the author, and live interfacing with the author.

Your customers get a signed copy of the book, the experience of a book signing event, plus additional instruction from the author that both utilizes the book, and expands on the book to clarify concepts and ideas.

We get a chance to promote and sell our event books, as well as promote our other titles. We see this as an exciting opportunity for everyone involved. Please contact us today at (479) 549-4860 to schedule a Killer Event or ask questions about our program, or simply drop us an email. Click here to view our current Killer Event titles as well as excerpts from our titles.


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