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Donegal Bay Publishing is an independent free press dedicated to bringing high quality literature covering a wide range of topics to our readers. We sell and ship direct to bookstores, individuals, distributors, schools, libraries, etc.

DBP Author Guild Membership Application

Please fill out the form below to apply for Donegal Bay Publishing's Authors Guild. This is an opportunity to work with a new publishing company that is eager to work with unpublished/developing writers. The Authors Guild helps us by having all documents submitted to DBP for publishing completely read and judged. No longer will you wonder if anyone actually looked at your book, much less read any of it. Guild members are the first to review submitted documents. These Guild members will fill out an evaluation form, from which we at Donegal Bay Publishing will review the documents for publication that meet our criteria.

The Authors Guild is also very advantageous to writers. Even if your book or article does not qualify for print publishing, we will publish your work online in our Electronic Library. (note - restrictions apply, please read our writer's guidelines) Also, Guild members are offered the option of self publishing at discounted rates for works that do not meet our print publishing criteria.

Instructions: Please fill out the following information. Your information will only be used for the purposes of Donegal Bay Publishing and Donegal Bay Publishing's Authors Guild. Your information will be kept 100% confidential. If you are submitting a document with your application, you can send it to us from the next web page that you will be directed to after filling out the following form.

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* I am interested in joining Donegal Bay Publishing’s Authors Guild. By selecting 'yes' in the pull down menu, I understand that I am entitled to the benefits of Guild membership. I also understand that from time to time I will be shipped documents by fellow Guild members that I will be asked to read and review. I am under no obligation, however, and may decide to not evaluate the document, or leave the Guild at any time. There are no monetary costs to participating in DBP’s Authors Guild.

* I have read and agree to Donegal Bay Publishing's Author Guild/Submission Contract

When you click 'submit' below, you will be directed to a page where you can submit your document to Donegal Bay Publishing. Thank you for joining Donegal Bay Publishing's Author's Guild







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