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Exit 59 - $25.95 Hardcover

Exit 59 by L.D. Ryan - $25.95

Destiny works through a reoccurring dream to send Shaun Sullivan in search of an exit on a four-lane highway. As a bastard child raised in an alcoholic's foster home, he searches for respect in his community and from his biological parents. He became independently wealthy trying to impress his birth parents. When this failed, he decided to politically oppose his US senator father. The political campaign would reveal the senator's relationship with Shaun's mother, a 16 year-old girl. The senator sent a mole and a hit man to stop Shaun's political career.

A young divorcee schoolteacher, Marie White, desperately needed moral and financial support for herself and her cerebral palsy child. Her marriage to an abusive husband that she knew all her life produced a woman unsure of herself when it came to judging men. She turned to prayer as the burden of her child, job, and farm overwhelmed her. This love story is about how a reoccurring dream and a woman's prayers caused two totally different people living in two different worlds to meet. The author has successfully mixed love, sex, violence, and faith together in a love story to remember.

Exit 59 is available in Hardcover 6"x9" for $25.95.


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Praise for Exit 59...

"Just finished reading Exit 59 and want you to know how very much I enjoyed it. (Name withheld) loaned it to me, what a book! I have never read romance novels but your book has it all. Suspense, mystery, a bit of 'weird' romance. Thank you for it. I saw you in a different light..." - Grace

"Exit 59 read like a down-to-earth modern fairy tale: take a charming prince who is not so charming, a woman divorced with a child, and an eerie reoccurring dream...add plenty of cash and a gritty determination to persevere, and the result is this great book that had me laughing, crying - and sometimes yelling - at the characters. I enjoyed Exit 59 so much I read parts of it to my husband and friends!" - Heather Crain, East Main Writer's Group