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Forensic Clues

Forensic Clues is a bi-monthly publication designed to keep attorneys informed of the technical side of product litigation issues. Subscriptions to Forensic Clues are offered at a low annual fee. Back issues of Forensic Clues are also available for $10 per issue. Each issue of Forensic Clues covers a different product or issue dealing with product liability. This publication is a must-have for any product litigation attorney.

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Currently, Donegal Bay Publishing is offering an introductory FREE 6 month subscription to Forensic Clues! After the introductory six month period, you can cancel your subscription to Forensic Clues by emailing us, calling us at (479) 549-4860, or faxing us at (479) 524-4912. Otherwise, you will be billed $24.99 for a year's subscription to Forensic Clues - six issues.

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Forensic Clues Back Issues (available for $10 each plus $2.50 shipping and handling fee)

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Forensic Clues Issue 1: Volume 1, October 2003 - "Defects in Materials and Design Used in Stepladders and Other Structures"


Forensic Clues Issue 2: Volume 1, November 2003 - "Electrocutions Due to Inadvertent Contact with High Voltage Power Lines"
Forensic Clues Issue 3: Volume 1, December 2003 - "Ladder Accidents Part 1: Stepladders"
Forensic Clues Issue 4: Volume 1, January 2004 - "Ladder Accidents Part 2: Extension Ladders"
Forensic Clues Issue 5: Volume 1, February 2004 - "Table Saw Accidents"
Forensic Clues Issue 6: Volume 1, March 2004 - "Lawn Mower Accidents"
Forensic Clues Issue 7: Volume 1, March 2004 - "Rear-End Collisions and Automobile Seat Failure"
Forensic Clues Issue 8: Vol. 1 May 2004 "Tractor Accidents and Rollover Protective Structures"
Forensic Clues Issue 9: Vol. 1 July/August 2004: "Guarding "
Forensic Clues Issue 10: Issue 10: Vol. 1 September/October 2004 "All-Terrain Vehicles"
Forensic Clues Issue 11: Vol. 1 January/February 2005 “How to survive in a hostile tort reform market”
Forensic Clues Issue 12: Vol. 1 June/July 2005 “Power Press Safeguarding”
Forensic Clues Issue 13: Vol. 1 August 2005 “Fiberglass Failures ”
Forensic Clues Issue 15:: Vol. 1 September/October 2005 “Forklifts”
Forensic Clues Issue 16: Vol. 1 December/January 2006 “Overhead Doors
Forensic Clues Issue 17: Vol. 1 February/March 2006 “Attic Ladders
Forensic Clues Issue 18: Vol. 1 April/May 2006 “Product Warning Labels
Forensic Clues Issue 19: Vol. 1 June/July 2006 “Stepladder Racking
Forensic Clues Issue 20: Vol. 1 August/September 2006 “Dust Explosions and Prevention
Forensic Clues Issue 21: Vol. 1 October/November 2006 "Wood Chipper Accidents"
Forensic Clues Issue 22: Vol. 1 December/January 2007 "Articulated Ladders"

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