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All-Terrain Vehicle Manual

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Many people are injured each year using ATV's. The most common ATV accident occurs when an ATV overturns, whether it rolls over frontwards or sideways. These ATV rollover accidents can cause death or serious injury due to the weight of the ATV. The injuries and fatalites on ATV's could be greatly reduced by providing a roll-over protective structure (ROPS,) along with a seatbelt, for all ATV's. The ATV Manual covers design inadequacies that can contribute or directly cause an accident. Design factors such as horizontal and vertical centers of gravity, turning radius, friction forces, and differentials are examined. Donegal Bay Publishing's Product Litigation Manuals are written by expert witnesses and engineers, and are designed to explain these technical issues in a manner readily understood by attorneys. This is a must-have for any attorney considering getting involved in an ATV case, as well as a guideline for designers and expert witnesses.

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