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Donegal Bay Publishing

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Donegal Bay Publishing is an independent free press dedicated to bringing high quality literature covering a wide range of topics to our readers. We sell and ship direct to bookstores, individuals, distributors, schools, libraries, etc.

Donegal Bay Publishing Writer Guidelines and Content Guidelines


  • double spacing
  • 12 point font
  • 1” margins all around
  • Word format preferred
  • We accept only electronic copies – send your document saved on a floppy disk or CD, alternatively email us at submit@donegalbaypublishing.com
  • Printed manuscripts are not accepted
  • Documents and disks are non-returnable

Please see the Guild Overview for complete details on the mechanics of the program. To summarize, Guild manuscripts are reviewed by fellow Guild members using an evaluation form. The manuscripts that receive the most favorable evaluation will be reviewed by Donegal Bay Publishing staff. Donegal Bay Publishing will either choose to print publish these documents, or to publish them electronically, as long as certain content criteria are met. Electronic books and articles will either be sold online, or may be displayed free of charge to the public.

Donegal Bay Publishing staff holds the final say in whether a work will be published in print or electronically, how it will be published, and if and how much the work will be sold for.

In summary, the following occurs when we receive a manuscript from an author:


  • Make several copies of manuscript for Guild use
  • Review of manuscript by Guild members
  • Evaluation by Guild members
  • Evaluation by Donegal Bay Publishing staff of manuscripts that pass evaluation by Guild members
  • Select documents will be electronically and/or print published


Content Guidelines

Donegal Bay Publishing believes in freedom of expression, freedom of thought, freedom of press, etc. That said, we also believe that certain materials are counterproductive to the ideals of our culture and the goals of a new publishing company and authors’ guild.

All documents will be reviewed by Donegal Bay Publishing’s Content Committee that will approve or reject documents based on the content of the document. We are open to various viewpoints and encourage free thinking and diversity of thought.

Content that will cause a document to be rejected and not published:

  • any content that is illegal to publish
  • any content that violates a copyright
  • any plagiaristic content
  • any content judged to be slanderous
  • any content encouraging or supporting racism or discrimination
  • explicit pornographic content
  • any content encouraging abuse
  • any content deemed overly offensive
  • not sure of your content? Give us a call at (479) 549-4860 or email John at johnlryan@cox.net

We will not discriminate against authors who submit content that is judged to be inappropriate. We will inform the author what we find to be inappropriate, and the author can decide if he or she wants to change the document, or seek publishing elsewhere. A document that is judged to be inappropriate is not a judgement of an author’s ideals, writing ability, etc., it is simply a decision to not publish certain content. Guild members’ opinions and comments on our content policy are always welcome.




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