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Donegal Bay Publishing

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Donegal Bay Publishing is an independent free press dedicated to bringing high quality literature covering a wide range of topics to our readers. We sell and ship direct to bookstores, individuals, distributors, schools, libraries, etc.

Donegal Bay Publishing Products

Electronic Library (a variety of electronic documents including stories by children, how-to articles, fiction, excerpts)

Attorney Publications

Donegal Bay Publishing (DBP) produces various attorney publications. DBP produces product litigation manuals, books that cover the design, manufacture, and use of specific products involved in product litigation cases. These manuals are created for attorneys, experts, and engineers. Design hazards of each product are investigated, state of the art is established, the adherence of the product to industry standards is reviewed, and other information crucial to a product litigation case are presented. Product Liability Manuals are available for the following products: Stepladder Manual, Forklift Manual, All-terrain Vehicles (ATV's) Manual, Overhead Door Manual, Power Saw Manual, and Lawnmower Manual.These include Forensic Clues, a bimonthly publication dedicated to informing attorneys of the technical side of various product litigation issues. DBP also produces engineering design manuals designed to be used by both attorneys and engineers. These titles include Warnings Manual and Guarding Manual. Upcoming releases include Tractor Manual and Product Safety Design. Please click on "Attorney Publications" to see more details on Donegal Bay Publishing's attorney and engineer publications or to purchase books.

Children's Books

Donegal Bay Publishing produces creative and innovative children's stories. These stories are designed to get your kids excited about reading! DBP's children's books are full color, soft-bound books. Current titles include Speckles and Slash go to the Carnival. Click on "Children's Books" for more information or to purchase books.


Donegal Bay Publishing publishes various fictional works of experienced and developing writers. Current fiction titles include Exit 59. Click on "Fiction" for more information or to purchase books.


Donegal Bay Publishing publishes various how-to-do and technical books. Current titles include Beginning Guitar, a step-by-step guide to quickly learning to play guitar based on simple chording techniques. New releases include a book that describes easy businesses that anyone can start, Take This Job... Click on "Technical" for more information or to purchase books.

Engineering Continuing Education Program

We are currently offering continuing education correspondence courses for engineers. Personal development hours are a requirement for professional engineers. We are offering courses in warning design and theory as well as guarding theory and implementation. These topics are crucial for design engineers to produce safe products, and will fulfill the necessary requirements for personal development hours. These are important topics that most engineering curriculum fails to address, which can leave graduating engineers without the information necessary to make safe products. Many machines and products do not have the necessary safeguards to protect the people who use the machines and products. Our course in guarding outlines what engineers should do to protect the welfare of the public, as well as what standards say and how to follow them. Our course in warnings details the theory behind warning design, and how to design warnings that meet industry standards. Other information including the psychology of warnings and improving warning effectiveness are also covered. Click here to go to our Continuing Education Program page.



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Independent Bookstores Directory

Donegal Bay Publishing supports independent bookstores across the nation and around the world. We are dedicated to providing an alternate source of books for readers, other than the nationwide chains. Independent bookstores are often locally-owned, ensuring the money spent at these stores will be put back into the community. Local ownership ensures sensitivity to local needs, issues, and authors. Our Independent Bookstores Directory helps our friends and guests locate local independent bookstores. Just click on the Independent Bookstores Directory to be taken to Donegal Bay Publishing's bookstore locator, where the bookstores are listed by state.

Authors Guild

Join an organization dedicated to finding and developing people with writing talent. We believe in treating writers with the respect they deserve. DBP's Authors Guild works as a team to get you published. Guild members submit their manuscripts, review potential books, write reviews, and help decide what gets published. This is an opportunity of a lifetime for writers. Get in on the ground-floor of this new publishing company. Click on Authors Guild for more information.

DBP Company Information, News, Current Events

Click the above link for information on Donegal Bay Publishing, our staff, as well as any news related to our publishing company and Guild, and events that Donegal Bay Publishing has participated in.

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